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Fiji Cup News

Ultimate Fiji Cup 2017 excelled both on and off the field.

South Australia attended with a couple of very competitive teams. The Boys U15 in particular showed great promise with close games that could have easily had them in the final except for some stubborn opposition.

See the South Australia report from here.

IFG NSW were again in the action and enjoyed a couple of very successful squads.

Daniel Taylor had the Boys 18 firing all week and Andrew Mason did the same with the Girls 17. Both these coaches have enjoyed multiple years at Fiji Cup and the experience is telling to keep a steady ship during the tough week.

See the video from Alan Sefton, Arsenal Football Community Programmes (Video


The Ultimate Fiji Cup 2017 saw the introduction of different Boys age groups to the tournament.

What a great combination of a family holiday with competitive football mixed with swimming and relaxing!

Fiji have really stepped up and both the Male & Female Development programmes are showing remarkable improvement. The Boys 17 are very dominant and there is a new breed of girls coming through showing commitment and pride.

The Australian teams certainly were surprised at the level of competition.
The facebook page is full of photo’s and stories of fun and keen competition.

Can’t wait for Fiji Cup 2018 ……

Entries are now open for 2018 with Boys  U12 playing 9v9 format.

Other Boys age groups include U14, u16 & U18 years.

The Girls will be U13, U15 & U17.

If you need more information to enter your team – email info@ultimatesportstravel.com.au
Maybe you are a player looking to join with an existing team, give Bruce a call 0418 679 866.